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Food basket will help Elvia as she is raising her great granddaughter


Elvia Cortes is a single mother who barely earns enough to eat. Her situation is challenging as she is malnourished and her children, upon getting married, left her abandoned.

One of her daughters left her granddaughter for Elvia to raise. The granddaughter has given birth to Elvia's great-granddaughter.

Due to the family responsibilities, Elvia has been unable to secure formal employment. She has worked sporadically in house laundry services, but it is simply not enough.

As you can see, live in a small dwelling with sheet metal for walls and a dirt floor. They are extremely poor and vulnerable and are unable to find stable employment.

Elvia is now seeking assistance to purchase groceries, given her dire economic circumstances and poor health that prevents her from holding a steady job. Despite her tremendous efforts, the family's situation has become increasingly complicated, and Elvia is unable to meet all their needs.

Please help us provide a large food basket of nourishing food that will last a few months!

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Our garments aren’t just about looking good; they carry the weight of The Great Commission, reminding wearers and onlookers of the teachings of Christ.
We pride ourselves on our core values – Integrity, Compassion, Transparency, Boldness, and Truth. Every piece of apparel echoes these principles.
Partnered with DonorSee, 10% of our proceeds go directly to families in need. Every purchase has a ripple effect, changing lives across the globe.
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